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Don't forget to bring your appetite and enthusiasm for this fun filled class!

Hands on and interactive

Samosa making class

Online Zoom Classes

Introduction Course - You'll learn about all of India's exotic cooking spices

Team building class

Mixed curries

Students enjoying their delicious meal at the end of class

South Indian Dish - Dosa, Sambhar and Chutney

Assorted Vegetable Pakoras (Potato, Onions, Spinach, Chilis)

Hands on - Vegetable Pakoras

Mughlai Feast Course - Chicken Tikka Masala

Introduction to Spices

Interactive Classes!

Mala Indian Cooking Classes "Teaching from the heart" Mala Patel Bachelors in Food&Nutrition



Classic Vegetarian Cuisine I (In-person ) 3hrs

Learn the basics of traditional Indian cooking with a complete knowledge of Indian spices, herbs and their benefits from Mala, in a small group in-person classRead More

Online Classic Non-Vegetarian Cuisine: In-person3 Hrs

Experience the world of Indian cooking where Indian food comes to life with flavors produced by Indian spices. Learn to make these classic authentic home style chicken curry, Indian bread, and rice.Read More

Online- Mughlai Feast (Chicken/Paneer Tikka Masala) - $5 extra 3hr


 The Mughlai cuisine is one of the most popular cuisines, whose origin can be traced back to the times of The Mughal Empire. This cuisine consists of the dishes that were prepared i

Street Side Favorites from India: 3hrs

Visit India to get the real taste of it's amazing street side dishes. If not, attend this class! The street food in India is a combination of various flavors that stimulate the taste buds of tourists

South Indian Exotic Escape - Gluten Free!

* Lactose free and gluten free

Read More

Christmas Gift certificate for Online zoom Indian Cooking Class

Read More

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Customer Review

  • Great class. Professional, new kitchen, complete with camera and flat screen TV to see close-ups of techniques. Hands-on as well as demonstration. Come hungry! lots to eat.  She offers items to purchase that are reasonably priced and have everything you need to make the recipes in the class.


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    Mala has a wealth of information & cooking skills. She also makes you feel very comfortable while learning. Great class. 

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  • Mala is fabulous! She teaches her classes with humor, experience and is extremely prepared. You will love the experience! I highly ecommend her class


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  • It was great being able to work as a group; covering the whole spectrum of delicious indian cuisine. excellent teaching! well paced and very very organized. highly recommend it. going again.

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  •  I enjoyed expanding my knowledge and learning the basic Indian food and spices culinary skills by participating in the Mughlai feast (Chicken Tikka Masala) and Classic Vegetarian Cuisine. Mala is a nutritionist and accomplished chef who guides the creation of authentic dishes and provides wonderful time saving


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  • I thought she was very good at what she did. She offered great tips to all that attended. Would not have attended such a class because I didn\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t know they existed. I am looking forward to attend another of her classes.

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  • Mala is fabulous! She teaches her classes with humor, experience and is extremely prepared. You will love the experience! I highly ecommend her class.



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  • A wonderfully organized and presented class. Loved everything, So welcoming, felt very comfortable.

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